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X Awards Australia 2020 & ASN Magazine Partnership with Sweet Release Agency

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Pictured: Jett Black CEO and Founder of X Awards and Sweet Release Agency with Co-Hosts Jane Untamed (left) and Daliah Amor (right)

X Awards Australia 2020 Australian Adult Entertainment Business Industry Awards and ASN Magazine Partnership with Sweet Release Agency

The Australian Adult Entertainment Business Industry Awards (known as X Awards Australia) are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognizes businesses and entertainers of the Australian Adult Industry that demonstrate contribution, success and achievements in the industry that deserve recognition and celebration; via a set of comprehensive award categories.

Presented by Sweet Release, a global and family owned and operated adult industry marketing and publicity agency; founded in Australia by Jett Black a sex worker and adult industry publicist of over ten years; the X Awards is sponsored by adult industry supporting organizations globally to provide Award Winners opportunities to enhance their careers and grow their business.

“I am pleased to present X Awards Australia for the second year (2020), following a successful launch (2019) where 200 finalists, $55,000 in prizes donated by our global industry sponsors and an awards night overflowing with hundreds of guests from across the country uniting almost like a family, celebrating and supporting each other which is what our Adult Industry Awards program is all about”, says Jett Black CEO and Founder of X Awards Australia and Sweet Release Agency.

The mission of X Awards is to unite adult businesses and adult entertainers across Australia to build their national industry networks and foster new friendships and partnerships, as one thing that is evident in the Australian Adult Industry is a lack of community within the industry.

“We are genuinely passionate about supporting the industry and instilling family values of equality, love, respect and community. Nobody should be judged because of their careers as they do not define the person within. Too often we see Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers wrongly judged or misrepresented by the mainstream press. At X Awards we place a strong emphasis on enhancing the program experience and showcasing each participants story around the world, breaking down industry misrepresentation and false, inflated judgements”, says Lynette Irene Co-Director and Awards Program Manager of X Awards Australia.

The Awards program will see over 34 Award Categories sponsored by some incredible Adult Industry partners and businesses including Swiss Navy, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, By The Bi Podcast, Adult Industry Association, Herbal-Erect, NaughtyAds, Adult Press Australia, RealBabes, LuckyAd Escorts and Massages, Ballin’ On A Budget TV, Forbidden Toys, JSAlternative Photography, Chasers Venues and presenting sponsor Sweet Release Agency; with more Sponsors to be announced.

“It brings us great joy to see the vision of X Awards Australia come to life in supporting Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers as we as an industry celebrate their success and unite as one. Our program is regulated to ensure that the Adult Industry is seen as fair, equitable and honest industry to support and boost the confidence of the industry while also diminishing the stigma of mainstream press that challenge the interpretation of people who identify with the Industry”, says Glenn Ronald Co-Director of X Awards Australia.

In 2020, the X Awards season will begin on 1st April with online nominations encouraged from the industry through to the wider community and general public of Australia, followed by an online voting process that will run throughout the year; culminating in an Awards Night held on the 7th November 2020 bringing Awards Finalists and their supporters together for an evening of celebration, media and publicity, entertainment and the announcement of winners.

The Awards Night will be hosted by Jett Black, CEO and Founder of X Awards Australia and co-hosted by Adult Industry ambassadors of Sweet Release, Jane Untamed and Daliah Amor.

“I am truly blown away by Jett Black’ vision for the X Awards and proud to be part of the awards program hosting team. The first Awards Night (2019) was a huge success with a vibe that allowed every attendee to relax, feel safe and respected while feeling part of a family. Everyone was dancing, drinking, celebrating and laughing with each other; sharing their stories and building new friendships and this is exactly what the Australian Adult Industry has desperately needed”, says Daliah Amor, Co-Host of X Awards Australia.

Attendees of the Awards Night are provided with the invaluable opportunity to self-promote their business and themselves on a video recorded media wall with mainstream and adult industry media in attendance offering national and global exposure, live music and entertainment including a DJ to help keep the atmosphere alive while cocktails and gourmet food is served. The full entertainment line-up for 2020 is yet to be confirmed and announced.

“It is such a thrill and an honor to be involved with X Awards where I can champion the Australian Adult Industry, so that we can celebrate each other, recognize our enterprise and creative efforts and achievements, while shining a light on the diversity of all our industry peers that breathe life in the industry. It is also an absolute joy to work with a team that is passionate about creating a space that makes all of this possible”, says Jane Untamed, Co-Host of X Awards Australia.

The 2020 X Awards program is about to begin, and the international adult industry is invited to take part as supporters, sponsors and media for this year’s program. Tickets are now one sale for the 2020 X Awards Night and can be purchased online.

“We invite the global adult industry to support our program, helping us to support the businesses and entertainers that make our industry great. We would also like to thank ASN Magazine for supporting the awards program with exposure in this April release”, says Jett Black, CEO and Founder of X Awards Australia and Sweet Release Agency.

Sweet Release Agency and X Awards Australia are proud to announce an industry and media partnership with ASN Entertainment and their Lifestyle Magazine. "The magazine was born out of the need to fulfil a void that existed in the lifestyle community and it’s negative conceived notions; We are our proud to partner with Sweet Release and the X Awards, we believe in establishing global partnerships with all facets of the adult industry that share the same fundamental values as we do”, says Michael Ramos, Owner of ASN Entertainment.

Sweet Release Agency in partnership with ASN Magazine aims to further complement the mission of diluting the common misconceptions of the Adult Industry in the mainstream media and provide facts not fiction on a global scale throughout the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Sweet Release Agency specializes in adult industry marketing, public relations and digital, media and event production for the global adult industry; thus the partnership with ASN Entertainment ensures a continued and combined effort towards encompassing the global adult industry and contributing to the de-stigmatisation of the industry with each monthly publication.


For further information about the X Awards Program including award categories, program criteria and to purchase award night tickets please go to:

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