About ASN Entertainment, LLC

We are ASN Entertainment, LLC A Lifestyle Company formed back in 2011. By our founders Michael & Sheri Ramos.


We started with a vision and one website ASN Lifestyle and have since grown ASN Entertainment, LLC into A successful and versatile company.

People always ask us what does the ASN stand for and the answer is simple it stands for Adult Social Network. It stands for all of US!

Our focus is to be the leader in providing the lifestyle community the tools and information needed to navigate all that this crazy lifestyle world holds.

Our Team
Self-made entrepreneur Michael started ASN Entertainment, LLC a lifestyle Media company in 2011 and a first of its kind in the lifestyle.

We now have a Radio network with more than 3.6 million monthly listeners and a Lifestyle TV Network with some of the hottest content produced for the lifestyle.

But he did not stop there he also runs a lifestyle travel company, an events company and several other successful sites.
We are very proud to have Sherilyn as part of our executive team.

The many years in hotel executive management Sherilyn brings are priceless.
Mike is the owner of several enterprises. His companies are involved in Real Estate, Safety and Environmental Engineering and Post Secondary Education.

His over 25 years of Management bring strength to our Brand.
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