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ASN Entertainment Names Joe Evans VP of Sales for the Midwest

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

ASN Entertainment, LLC

LOS ANGELES—Adult social media and lifestyle company ASN Entertainment has named Joe Evans vice president of sales for the Midwest.

“Joe has been an active participant and avid promoted of ASN Entertainment values throughout the online and offline community for more than a decade,” said Michael Ramos, CEO of ASN. “Having someone with his experience in social media globally, living in the Midwest locally and campaigning to increase the reach of ASN’s ideals is a big step forward for everyone with a vested interest in the health and growth of the lifestyle and all that it represents.”

With the move, ASN Entertainment says it aims to put its entire portfolio of assets to use in deals that bolster Midwest businesses and gain greater exposure for ethical lifestyle brands, which it asserts is a foundational element of what ASN has always been about.

“It’s an honor to be coming on board with ASN,” Evans said. “Having worked extensively in other social media verticals while being active at lifestyle events for more than 18 years around the country, I believe I am uniquely qualified to bring together my adult industry connections and lifestyle experience in ways that will directly benefit everyone who does business with ASN and our community of sex positive adults.”

To learn more about ASN Entertainment and how it can help your Midwestern business, contact

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