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  • Kristel Penn

ASN Lifestyle Magazine’s “Meet the Mavericks” Issue Now Available

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

ORLANDO,FL - The September issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine hit digital newsstands yesterday with their cover feature, Jason and Aubrey: Meet the Mavericks. The issue is now available for download at ASN Lifestyle Magazine owner Michael Ramos explains, “It’s all about a couple and their journey into the lifestyle and making the most of everything in life. Last month we had their first article in the magazine where they will be sharing their candid musings and escapades about their lives.”

In addition to Jason and Aubrey’s feature, the September issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine also features body artist Cheryl Ann Lipstreu in “Connecting the World Through Art,” host Chris Vee at Club Eden in Oklahoma shares a fun pictorial from “The Shit Show Party,” and the Unicorn Diaries of Marie and Antony from the Hotwives Club. Be sure to also check out the “11 Most Common and Taboo Fetishes.”

ASN Lifestyle Magazine is committed to the Lifestyle community and promotes authenticity through healthy living and experiences. The multi-award-winning online publication is a taste-maker, arbiter of style, and prides itself on being at the forefront in the intersectional discussion about social behavior, politics, plus sexual and economic freedom. Visit their official website at

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