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  • Gene Zorkin

ASN Lifestyle Issues Statement Addressing Award Show Rumors

ASN Lifestyle Magazine issued a statement late Tuesday to address rumors concerning the company’s Awards weekend, emphasizing that the company does not exhibit favoritism or offer preferential treatment to some nominees over others.

“We are aware of rumors going around in the lifestyle industry and want to dispel them before it damages anyone’s reputation or company,” the company said in its statement. “Our Awards weekend is specifically designed for the Lifestyle and Adult industry. It seemed logical that the ASN Lifestyle Magazine, which has grown exponentially, have an Awards show weekend. It is simply for the lifestyle community to enjoy a weekend, seeing old friends and making new ones.”

ASN Lifestyle said the awards are “simply a vessel of acknowledgement made by each other, for each other in their respective platforms.”

“We do not engage in tampering or favoritism of the votes, nor hold any preferential treatment of nominees,” the statement added. “We are taking stringent matters to ensure complete transparency. To frankly put it, we are not doing this for any one person. Just as we started the magazine 3 years ago, it was for the people.

“Competition within an industry that is all about being a community, should be healthy, not destructive. Images created are intentionally being skewed to hurt or give the wrong interpretations.”

In its release, ASN Lifestyle also said that the venue chosen for the awards weekend “is welcoming us with open arms.”

“ASN has an agenda that is full of fun, carefully chosen well-known educators, and renowned entertainers,” the company added. “Our integrity is everything to us!”

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