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  • Kristel Penn

June Issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine Features Front Porch Swingers

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

CYBERSPACE - ASN Lifestyle Magazine is proud to announce its upcoming June issue, which features Brenna and Brian from Front Porch Swingers. The online issue will be available on June 1, 2020.

“We are a tough bunch and we hope you are all doing well,” says ASN Lifestyle Magazine owner, Michael Ramos. “Hopefully, our magazine gives you a lot to enjoy this month. We start off with the Pros and Cons of open relationships and then we run into the Ladies of Hedonism II.

“But wait there's more. Dr. Ziggy tells us about Double Occupancy. You figure it out! Brenna brings us her Hotwives Club contribution called ‘sticking to your guns’ and our new contributor Molly Frances writes an article about her adventures in solo play. Tara from ‘Sex Interrupted’ (now forced monogamists during these COVID-19 times) developed the ‘5 love languages’ to keep things alive in their relationship.

Ramos continued, “On our cover, we are pleased to have Brian and Brenna from the ‘Front Porch Swingers.’ Go ahead, enjoy their pics and see how Craigslist is involved with them. By the way, we have received word that ‘Naughty in N’Awlins’ is rescheduled for August 19th to 23 this year. It’s five o'clock somewhere, so try Brian’s Paloma Cocktail (PS - it includes tequila). The FOX Den ladies are PROUD to be Foxy and Bridget makes us all warm and fuzzy inside with her Tidbits article. Enjoy these and more in our June issue.”

Brenna and Brian are the hosts of a weekly lifestyle podcast called Front Porch Swingers, where they share their real-life adventures in swinging and hotwifing. They are also the coaches behind Sex on Your Terms, where they focus on providing the groundwork for both couples and singles looking to enter the world of non-monogamy. Their podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, and information on their other projects and resources can be found at

ASN Lifestyle Magazine is committed to the Lifestyle community and promotes authenticity through healthy living and experiences. The multi-award-winning online publication is a taste-maker, arbiter of style, and prides itself on being at the forefront in the intersectional discussion about social behavior, politics, plus sexual and economic freedom. Visit their official website at

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