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“I’m hoping my decision might inspire others who are sitting on the fence about the image they want to portray” she explains. “I’ve really found that I enjoy doing playful tease type shows with heavy one on one interaction. I’m not really a ‘GFE' now in the general sense, as I don't have the time to devote to being someone's virtual girlfriend, nor being ‘horny' all the time. I don’t masturbate with fans, and I don’t do hardcore shows with toys or penetration, so I am really wanting to be true to myself and my fans at this juncture. My sales and marketing ability aren’t affected and so I’m much happier this way, with clear boundaries set in place now."

It was a tough decision at first for this established model skeptical of making the change, and who has been mostly underground during her career. She figured the time had come to bring everything to the forefront with long-term branding in mind.

Jessica continues, "I initially wanted to be ‘undiscoverable’ before, like having VIP status in that you needed to know someone who knows someone to get to enjoy me. But that has definitely changed as I consider my work in this industry evolving to what it is today. I now am much more established in my comfort zone and at this point I want to focus more on my social media and continue building my fan base and not be so ‘underground' anymore."

Setting clear boundaries with her fans, she always lets them know that there will only be virtual sessions after removing the “GFE” from her name. Fans should expect to have a real connection with Jessica, which is also what she enjoys the most in her work. She adds, “My success revolves around how authentic and enthusiastic I am and how dialed in I am in each individual session. My fans know what they will be getting with me, 100% attention and focus when we are both available. I understand that what I offer isn’t what everyone wants, but that is the beauty with this industry, finding that niche that suits you (and your fans) the best. And this dynamic works!"

About Jessica Dynamic:

Jessica Dynamic creates amazing connections with one-on-one conversations and even humiliatrix and femdom content to her fans and can be found on these platforms:


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