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Mob Boss's Harem

ANNOUNCING - A collaboration between the minds of Erotica Author Kyle Canon and Organized Crime Expert Wayne Clingman.

The authors are incredibly grateful to ASN Lifestyle Magazine Co-Founder Michael for allowing them to use ASN Lifestyle Magazine as well as his name in the book.

Kyle Canon: Kyle has been writing fun, realistic erotic stories for the last five years. Currently, he has more than 15 novels and short stories available on Amazon. He’s also published several articles that have appeared in ASN lifestyle magazine.

Wayne Clingman: Wayne is an expert on organized crime. He’s written several books on the subject and even tried his hand at an erotic crime thriller based in the 1920’s titled - Alias Mr. Big.

When Luther was discharged from Army Special Forces he decided to follow in his father's footsteps as a Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA). He quickly developed a reputation as a hard but impeccably honest man. An honesty which would ultimately lead to his downfall.

While running an investigation into the darkest corners of the porn industry he found his morals tested to the limits. The final straw? Witnessing a Senator observing the making of a snuff film. Not only could he not save the poor woman, who lost her life in this perverse act, but he was also quickly silenced from trying to report the crime.

Confronted with a myriad of troubles - namely his joblessness, mob affiliation suspicions, and finally his father’s mysterious death, Luther spent the next year drifting aimlessly. Finally, when two ex-Army buddies -Jane and Ann invite him to stay with them at a nudist resort in Orlando, Luther decides it is time to sort out his life and his father's estate in Miami.

Nothing is ever that simple. Luther would find himself embroiled in a mix of murder, sex workers and pornography. Luther finds his life turned upside down. Only, this time he swears to land on his feet - regardless of which side of the law he lands.


Kyle Canon - Author

Instagram: kylecanonfiction


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