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Updated: Jan 6, 2022


Orlando, FL December 1, 2021 - After his 2014 Hall of Fame induction, The Nick Manning Company ("TNMC") grew increasingly disappointed in the direction of the Adult Industry. The reduction in quality of final product and the lack of professionalism that began permeating the marketplace were two serious areas of contention for them. Like Nick's country music heroes before him, namely Waylon & Willie, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, he left a thriving career in Nashville and moved his shit down to Austin; so, to speak. Nick's team decided to allow all their renewing contracts to expire, and by 2020 he was a true free agent for the first time in his entire career. Nick's vision for ultimate control of his wildly popular brand culminated in creation of a new website which will be the "Portal" into all TNMC offerings you've come to expect. In the midst of a Biography being written and published, a Documentary being shot and edited, and a Biopic being completed, Nick produced brand new hardcore scenes that are available on the website.

A Celebrity Sex Tape was added to the mix of content offerings and Radio Legend Big Mo signed on for a Podcast, which is currently broadcast in 50 countries; appropriately titled Droppin' Loads with Manning & Mo. In his spare time Nick developed a mainstream movie, partnered with an NFT creator, negotiated a variety of product deals, and created a Reality Show for the site titled Manning Manor. TNMC also brought on Michael H. Klein and his Next Step Entertainment LLC company to help consult with the launch and direction of their new site and other exciting projects. Michael brings over his past experiences as the former President of LFP Inc. and President of Broadcasting & Internet for Vivid Entertainment to help with the oversight of the business. offers approximately 20 different and unique platforms on a membership or pay-per-view basis, including Live Webcam offerings featuring Nick Manning as well as a variety of top female stars. "I've been fortunate to collaborate with artists in a multitude of diverse arenas, adult and mainstream alike, that make my website truly dynamic in every sense. I'm extremely impressed with my company's execution of my vision", Manning states.

"I'm pleased with the development and release of a litany of new branded products, clothing, toys, novelties, and nutraceuticals. We have other website additions in mind, and the Podcast affords TNMC the luxury of being an almost entirely vertical organization", Nick explains. Nick continues, "In nearly every interview I was asked about my perspective regarding the evolution of technology and how it affected what I do. The interviewers were referring to the methods of viewing my projects beginning with film, VHS, DVD, cable, boxes in hotels, internet and fan sites. My response was always the same: I do my thing; viewers watch me according to their preferences. When this new portal was devised, I insisted that TNMC would provide viewers with a combination of varied projects provided via as many technological platforms as made sense in an effort to ensure customer satisfaction."

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