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Sex Therapy at your fingertips

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Location: Harker Heights, TX

Contact: Cynthia Tao

Evolve Your Intimacy and ASN Lifestyle Magazine have joined forces to bring sex therapy to a wider audience in an effort to educate, enlighten and evolve the readers intimacy.

Sex Therapy at your fingertips

January 03, 2021— Evolve Your Intimacy and ASN Lifestyle Magazine are partnering together to offer quality sex therapy to a wider audience.

Relationships are difficult and when people experience sexual disappointments or have questions about the type of sex, they prefer to have many have nowhere to turn for expert advice. The partnership between Evolve Your Intimacy and ASN Lifestyle Magazine will utilize the expertise and insight from Sex Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Stephanie Sigler, MS, NCC, LPC, PhD ABD, who is also certified in alternative relationships and an Adult Industry and Sex Worker Therapist, ensuring sex therapy is accessible to people from all walks of life. Ask Stephanie a question HERE

Sex therapy can be very expensive and that could limit the options for some couples but by partnering with ASN Lifestyle Magazine, we are opening the door for an open dialogue about sexual issues or taboo questions using the Ask Stephanie feature” -Stephanie Sigler

About Evolve Your Intimacy

Evolve Your Intimacy is a guidance and counseling center founded by Stephanie Sigler and Fox to help those who are learning to navigate the lifestyle or are experiencing issues in their sexual relationship(s). Their mission is to help people overcome barriers that prevent them from having the relationship(s) they truly desire and deserve. For more information, please visit

About ASN Lifestyle Magazine

ASN Lifestyle Magazine the Number One Resource for The Lifestyle and Adult Industry. When it comes to Lifestyle and adult industry magazines look no further than ASN Lifestyle Magazine. We are the natural go to for everything lifestyle and adult. Get your FREE digital issue today.

Evolve Your Intimacy is committed to educating, enlightening, and evolving your intimacy


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