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World’s Largest Open Dating Site Becomes Title Sponsor for Awards Show

April 21, 2022 (Cary, North Carolina) – ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards has named as their new title sponsor for this year’s annual awards show.

SDC, which stands for Seek, Discover, Connect, founded their dating platform over twenty years ago as a response to people’s growing interest in alternative lifestyles. launched a media website in 2018 to help their members navigate the open lifestyle and provide resources for people curious about swinging, open relationships, and adult sexuality. Their site provides free educational videos, articles, and podcasts from leading experts. Today, SDC is the world’s largest international open-minded dating app and site, with 3+ million members.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine is the only magazine tailored for the open lifestyle community. The monthly virtual publication provides adult entertainment, relationship and sex advice, and features interviews from celebrities, experts, and people of interest. The 2022 ASN Awards Show is the second annual production by ASN Lifestyle Entertainment, LLC. In January 2020, ASN hosted the Erotica Awards in Las Vegas. The success of the show gave them the roadmap to produce their first ASN Awards Show in 2021.

SDC and ASN first forged a partnership in 2019 with the goal of boosting adult education around sexuality, relationships, and health, as well as broadening the awareness of the open lifestyle, swinging, and other alternative relationships. In 2020, ASN Lifestyle Magazine named as their Official Erotic Dating App. Since the beginning of their collaboration, both brands have expanded their individual and collective networks on an international level.

“Our partnership with ASN continues to bring together the members of our global lifestyle community,” says Dave, the CEO of SDC. “As our reach grows, we can introduce more people who are curious about alternative relationships to the new possibilities they can explore and experience.”

“By collaborating with SDC for the Awards Show, we can boost awareness around the world about our open community,” said Michael Ramos, founder of ASN Entertainment. “Our awards show celebrates all sectors of the lifestyle and adult industry, from businesses to entertainers. We invite anyone with an open mind to join us and enjoy a fresh perspective.”

This year’s ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards will be presented virtually on September 18th, 2022. The broadcast will be streamed on their website as well as and YouTube, among other platforms. Full details and updates about the show are available on the official ASN Awards website.

About ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Founded in 2014 by Michael and Sheri Ramos, ASN Entertainment, LLC is a partner of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF). ASN Lifestyle Magazine is a taste-maker, an arbiter of style, and is at the forefront of trends in social behavior, political, sexual, and economic freedom.


Since 1999, has been established as the world’s foremost open-minded dating platform. Their media website features educational resources about sexuality, relationships, and health. SDC’s dating app is available via Apple’s App Store and Google Play Apps.

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