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  • ASN Entertainment, LLC – Hankie Pankie Podcast: full makeover!

San Diego, March 10th, 2022 – Coralyn Jewel’s flagship podcast received a complete makeover: new home at, new logo, new image… the same irreverence and boldness!

Coralyn invites you to come listen to her podcast, available on audio and video, that "has not missed a week yet!" going on an astonishing 75 episodes streak and raising every week.

Recorded from her home studio, with a line of guests that have included authors, journalists, photographers, producers, scientists, Doctors, therapists, BDSM educators, recovering sex-addicts, Swing Club owners, Lifestyle couples, adult performers from the Golden Era to some of the top performers in the industry today, Hankie Pankie Podcast has quickly become a reference in the industry.

“Whether you tune-in audio or video, we have to agree: Coralyn has a knack for being an exceptional podcast host. Her charisma, personality and genuine appreciation for each guest is apparent in every episode.“ said Mila, Outshine Team’s Project Manager. To be a guest on "The Hankie Pankie Podcast," contact Coralyn at or OutshineTeam at

About Outshine Team Outshine Team has gathered a group of very talented and experienced professionals from Public Relations to Web Designers, Marketing gurus, Career Managers and talent experts. Together each team member brings a different level of knowledge, experience and expertise to the agency. Outshine Team Is providing the needed support for an ever changing and demanding industry.

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