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  • ASN Entertainment, LLC The future is full of change, excitement and fulfillment... I'm ready, are you? The future is full of change, excitement and fulfillment... I'm ready, are you? San Diego, March 7th, 2022 – – The future is full of change, excitement and fulfillment, I'm ready, are you? Coralyn Jewel’s name stands out from the MILF crowd when one speaks about adult entertainment, but she is more than, just an adult performer. Today, Coralyn Jewel launched her new, super powered, website where you can access premium content, ecommerce, coaching information, podcast episodes, weekly informative articles, upcoming seminars, events and Coralyn's tour schedule. This step is taken towards a new brand that will instate the highest standards. When it comes to content quality as well as the most praised coaching content oriented for couples and singles in regard to alternative relationships and lifestyle engagement, CJ is not holding anything back. “Working with Coralyn is an absolute pleasure” said Outshine Team rep Mila. “Not only is she a talented performer, writer, podcaster and coach, she truly has a heart of gold” Coralyn is as truthful as she is determined to share her message through her seminars, articles and podcasts. “Working with CJ has made my workdays joyful and fun with her sense of humor and divine spirit. She brought a breath of fresh air to the agency.” continued Mila. “This is just the beginning of the vision our agency has for Coralyn Jewel. With the full rebranding, the launch of her new website and her ongoing success as a relationship & lifestyle Coach, we see a bright future for CJ.” stated Outshine Team rep Mila. Coralyn is following her 2020 released International Best-Seller Book with a 2nd book to be released within 6 months along with her documentary written and directed by Coralyn Jewel. "Life is a learning process and there will always be challenges and obstacles along the way. I am ready for what comes my way on this journey, and I am thankful for my family, friends and the Outshine Team on my side".

About Outshine Team Outshine Team has gathered a group of very talented and experienced professionals from Public Relations to Web Designers, Marketing gurus, Career Managers and talent experts. Together each team member brings a different level of knowledge, experience and expertise to the agency. Outshine Team Is providing the needed support for an ever changing and demanding industry.


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