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  • ASN Entertainment, LLC Steps down from ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards

Friday, May 6th, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE will be stepping down from the 2022 ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards effective immediately explanation received was it was felt that the category (BEST FAN SITE) did not represent their brand accurately.

Nominations work by allowing the people to pick who they want to nominate and then to choose the category that best fits their nominee.

The Nominees were selected after a month of heavy nominating and the top (5) were moved on to the finals for voting which is currently going on now till June 30th.

“It is our position to be transparent in all matters and therefore we are bringing this to the public’s attention. While we are sad to see exit the program, we respect their wishes and will honor their request without hesitation”. Said Michael Ramos, CEO of ASN Entertainment, LLC the producer of the ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards program.

With Kasidie stepping down we must replace them. This is done by taking the next nominee in line with enough nominations to make it into the top (5). That Nominee is

We wish every person or business to have fun with the awards and use this time to unite with their base.



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