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Playboy TV & Radio’s Holli and Michael Named ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards Hosts

ORLANDO, FL - ASN Lifestyle Magazine is proud to announce Playboy TV & Radio’s very own Holli and Michael as the hosts for the 2021 ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards. The star-studded event is being held at the TopSecret Resort in Orlando, Florida, on September 16-19, 2021.

“We’re thrilled to have Playboy’s Holli and Michael as our hosts,” says ASN Lifestyle Magazine’s owner, Michael Ramos. “It’s 2021 and sexuality is evolving! With the advance of social media and mobile, people can now share their naughtiest moments for all to see at the click of a selfie. New innovative products are improving relationships across the globe. The information age has lines blurring between old communities. Labels and judgments are disappearing. And people are discovering all new sexual experiences & freedom never available to them before!”

Holli and Michael are known for being the stars of the hit Playboy Reality Show “Swing” and hosts of the TV talk show “Swing Nightcap.” They appear daily on Playboy Radio & TV, Discovery Channel, ABC Nightline, Fox, TMZ, and numerous mainstream outlets as modern-day relationship experts. Holli is also a proud card-carrying Playboy model.

The ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards Show celebrates sexual freedom, giving fans a place to express to freely express their erotic selves. The awards weekend is dedicated to connecting with like-minded people and community influencers, honoring those who break the mold and move sex-positive culture forward. The ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards Show will announce winners in over 30 categories, including Best LS Cruise Company, Best Lifestyle Adult Educator, Best Lifestyle Podcast, Best Lifestyle or Adult Industry Supporting Business, to name a few.

The official After Party is sponsored by PlayhouseLV. Book your stay during ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards Show weekend at

For more information about the ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards Show, visit


ASN Lifestyle Magazine is committed to the Lifestyle community and promotes authenticity through healthy living and experiences. The multi-award-winning online publication is a taste-maker, arbiter of style, and prides itself on being at the forefront in the intersectional discussion about social behavior, politics, plus sexual and economic freedom. Visit their official website at


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